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Pro/Con Immigration
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Author:  brainout [ 19 Jan 2016, 00:26 ]
Post subject:  Pro/Con Immigration

Here's a pro argument, on why we should provide some middle path for the illegals, tantamount to letting them stay here but then blocking their ability to get Fed benefits and block them any path to citizenship.

1. 11 million immigrants cannot be found, much less rounded up and deported.

2. Even if you could do that, it would cost a LOT more taxpayer money than any other solution.

3. Doing that would earn you the unending enmity of Mexico, Hispanics, and any manner of people abroad, for the function would be like Hitler rounding up the Jews.

4. The illegal immigrants who are here, already by law have their wages TAXED but get no Federal benefits, because they would be CAUGHT if they applied for them. The wages are TAXED so that the employer will look honest (for he gets taxed directly at the source, and cannot deduct the wages unless he declares them on Form 940 and other forms both state and local).

5. Without immigrant labor, housing would be three times more expensive, you'd be paying $10 a pound for veggies, and bread would be about the same price per loaf. IMMIGRANT LABOR KEEPS PRICES DOWN.

Illegal immigration has been a problem for 100 years, and no one fixes it for the above reasons. Trump MADE his money in large measure from immigrant construction labor, for it's about the only kind of construction labor you can GET anywhere in the US. Much of that labor is illegal immigrant labor. Trump wouldn't know that, as he just contracts to get the buildings done, isn't in charge of hiring. But it does mean he like the rest of us, profit on the backs of the illegals.

That is the truth. So now the question is, two wrongs not making a right, what to do?

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