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Fox News and ABC Poll
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Author:  brainout [ 11 Dec 2015, 16:49 ]
Post subject:  Fox News and ABC Poll

Synopsis of Presidential poll so far: ... cmp=subnav

More detailled, longer-running poll by Fox News on who folks will vote for, what they think are the most important election issues, etc. Sadly, the 'box' format of the poll is terrible, but if you play it fullscreen you can scroll through the pages.

The ABC poll is much more interesting, dividing the candidates not only by party but stance on issues, gender age, education, etc. Very telling, click here. The key factors seem to be the women and the split between voters over whether terrorism or the edonomy is more important. To the extent the former, they vote Trump. Women though are unimpressed, with men being pro-Trump almost 2:1.

Which means, voter turnout will be extraordinarily important.

What's good about the poll, is that they keep records going back a year, so you can see the changes in attitude. It's remarkable how Trump's TALKING directly correlates to his popularity, and how he dominates the debate.

First law of successful debate is to control the topics debated.

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