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 Post subject: Malachi Datelines
PostPosted: 01 Oct 2016, 02:55 
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These are prelim results. I was trying to understand why Zeph 1 benchmarked to 418BC at syll 224, and stumbled onto Malachi.

Mal 1:1 dateline is 14, I just counted sylls on my fingers (so be skeptical, maybe).
Mal 1:2 dateline is 35, same method.
Turns out, the 14 (as years after)=ENDING of Nehemiah's dateline, which is STATED IN THE TEXT, so I didn't count sylls.
The 35 (as years after) = how long Malachi's ministry lasts since start of Neh, again stated in the text, so didn't count sylls. OR, Malachi could be using the 35 to mean '35 years to the end of the historical 70 voting period window' like Daniel's count does, in Dan9:15 and 17, ref'ing the same 446 prospectively (which is 21 years into the 70-year voting period).

Since Malachi's the last book of OT, he basically brackets his own book: hi, this chapter 1 starts 14 years after Nehemiah's book ended, and it spans the next 35 years. Which we know, given the dateline in Malachi 2:17 (start of its chap 3 in Hebrew). Cute.

Sum? 49. Hahahaha, plays on Daniel 9:4 and 9:26 TEXT simultaneously (the seven sevens in Dan9:26), which would take you to Canon completion end of voting period, 397BC.

What's the dateline in Mal3, using same style, huh? Seems reasonable the style would be repeated.

OHHHH :mrgreen:
End Mal2 is really the beginning of Mal 3, and the syll count is (drumroll please)... 49! Dates back to Nehemiah 6:15, when the wall was completed. (Again, per the text, don't have to count the syllables, looks like Neh5:14 was written later, parenthetical insertion?)

But wait! There's more!

The distance in Matt1 1st dateline literally counts BACKWARDS to .. 397BC (427-30).
Matt1's SECOND dateline is 476, which counts back to.. Nehemiah's fixing the wall date.
Distance? 49! Matthew is emulating Malachi's bracketing style which Malachi used to BRACKET Nehemiah, whose style was TEXTUAL (at least).

I've not seen this style before. Closest was Isaiah 53 splitting Psalm 90:4's 84 into 2 42's. One of which, Matt 1 uses in his last half, to make those 3x14 (14, get it, Mal 1:1)! Luke then takes the 35 from Isaiah 52:15, adds with Matt's 42 to count 77 sons in Luke 3 genealogy!

I should die now.

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 Post subject: Re: Malachi Datelines
PostPosted: 01 Oct 2016, 03:16 
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As if the meter itself isn't proof enough, Matt 1 connecting to Malachi is proof to the Jews that NT should be included with Torah.

HEB 4:12
The word of God is alive and powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of the soul and the spirit, of the joints and marrow, and is a critic of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

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 Post subject: Re: Malachi Datelines
PostPosted: 01 Oct 2016, 03:33 
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Yeah. 2nd Dateline is Mal3:1, prophecy of John the Baptist, and it appears to be 56 syllables. I can't figure that one out, though. Ideally something happening 7 years prior, or maybe 56 to some other date.. but what? Or 56x7?


Isaiah 53:12 picks up at the ANNUNCIATION, Adar 5 BC. So the first syllable in Isaiah 53:12 is that year, laken a-halleq-LO b'rabbim LOL

Using the first (Mal2:;17) dateline, if you count back 49 you still get the 418BC marker at Zeph1 syll 224, verse 7a, which of course balances back to Malachi 1:1 and 2 datelines!

And Zeph 1:7a is about what? SILENCE BEFORE THE LORD, 7 הַ֕ס מִפְּנֵ֖י אֲדֹנָ֣י יְהִו֑ה

Of course with the 56, you realize the immediate impact, which Luke 1 uses as his dateline: JOHN THE BAPTIST would be born within 6 months of it. DUH. Cute. Kill me now, please.

Okay, so what do we have?

Zeph1:7a above, marking (642-224) 418BC, which is the Mal1:1 and 1:2 dateline, which dateline is 14 years after the end of Neh; Malachi 1:2's dateline 35 is prospective. Malachi's ministry runs for the next 35 years (from end Neh). OR, he's dating it prospectively to the end of the historical voting period, which is the same distance (from end Neh).

Neh's textually-stated start/end dates were 20 and 32nd year of Longiamanus, aka 465-20=445 (really 446, diff fiscal) and 465-32=433 (432) BC.

That same 418BC hits smack dab in the middle of Isaiah 53:10's asham (red heifer offering). 21 years later, is the end of the historical voting period ending 397BC. THAT is signified by Isaiah 53:10's end, 'prospers' (yitslah). Yeah, establish the work of our hands, Psalm 90:16-17, so the prediction of Hands is last handed to the hands of Malachi, who finishes his book in 397, end of the historical voting period!

For look: 397BC, is the first dateline of Malachi 2:17, which is 49; which is the Hebrew start of Malachi3. Meaning? 49 years after the start of Nehemiah's book (446BC , Neh 1:1, Chislev 20th year of Longiamanus)! Proof positive that the Daniel 9:26 seven sevens' deadline for completing Canon, is met!

Its second dateline for the same year, is Malachi3:1, which in text forecasts the 'coming' of John the Baptist, with a dateline of 56; so, 56x7=392, the number of years later, John will be born; which year, is the same as the Annunciation, which is 6 months later, Luke 1:26 compared with 36 (in Greek: the pun doesn't work well in English). So Luke datelines his Gospel at 63 years prior to his writing, which is the same Adar 5BC..

Of course the two Matthew 1 datelines of 427 (tagging Malachi 2:17 and 3:1), and 476 (tagging Neh1:1, 5:14) with a 49 in between them (hahahaha), now makes more sense.

Is your head swimming yet? Good.

OH AND THE SUM IS 105 (49+56) :lightbulb: :razz: :appleface: :orangeface: :!:

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