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Postby brainout » 16 Sep 2015, 20:00

If you edit one of your existing posts or create a new one, the advanced Editor now sports icons and a lot more editing options, including EMBEDDING video (the play button icon). I'm not even sure what all the options do. Just play with them if and as YOU see fit. (If you're a guest, you can only post in the Vote On Win10 forum, and in the Admin forum, and you can't use all the button options, sorry.)

It also adds in the custom BBC codes I created and had to edit to keep. These used to be called 'highlight' and 'center' and 'font=', but to import the new Editor I had to RENAME those codes.

So now they are 'hilight' and 'centr' and 'fontface'. I checked the posts which had used the OLD spelling of these codes, and they all still worked except the first-used such code in the list. So I edited those posts ONLY to fix the codes. So the rest of your posts should be okay, now.

Don't forget to fake your email address too, as at present there's no way I know of, to block your email address entirely. THIS BOARD'S EMAILING FUNCTION IS DISABLED, so the only messages you should ever get, are PMs within the board. They don't use your email address. If you find any violation, let me know PRONTITO (Spanish for immediately)!