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Postby brainout » 23 Aug 2015, 18:14


As hopefully you learned by now (click here and read the topics, for more details), you can sign up to FrankForum without a real name or email. You don't need a social account, and there are no ads, no tracking. So, your identity is protected. There's a cookie set, I think, but I have no idea what it is or what it says. Godaddy might, but they won't tell me. They are anal about privacy. :D

In fact, if you lose your password I have no way to find it, so you'd have to sign up again with some other (can be fake) email address. You can always change your email address and username; that too, protects your privacy (i.e., someone's stalking you so you just change your username).

Here's why. This forum was born 8/10/15. You have certain unique rights here: first, is privacy. Also, as a guest you can post in the Admin forum, or in the Vote on Windows 10 forum, or in the Computer Forum (main level only), here.

If guest posting/voting those locations, don't turn to chaos, I'll open as many forums as I can, to guests. For then privacy will be as great as possible.

Members have more benefits and rights: inter alia, the ability AT ANY TIME to change your username, edit your posts, exchange private messages, upload attachments, delete your own posts, and even the right to have your OWN forum. These rights are all free, no ads, all part of a free service I personally get with my domain from godaddy. So, you can have them too. If I die, by that time someone will have been found to replace me, and I expect this forum will then continue. I can't guarantee it, though.

Even so, this is no reddit. This set of forums is not likely to be a hotbed of social activity, but where one can store thoughts, posts, talk in private or public, contemplate.. controversial issues. Computer and God, seem to top the list. :lol:

Another membership perq which I'd rather not use, but may become needed: any forum can be password protected at the forum level.

You can hate me like me not care, doesn't matter; seriously, I can't be offended. Forum is about whoever's in it, not the 'owner'. Again, assuming this venture doesn't turn into chaos, it will be maintained by me and whoever comes after me.

Right now the full privacy and feature options are more limited, since the PhpBB version is 3.1.6; the old 3.0 phpBB addins haven't been updated; so, I can't prevent certain features from showing. But when such features become available, I'll do more to secure our joint privacy and add features. Meanwhile, JUST MAKE SURE EVERYTHING YOU SAY CAN'T TRACK YOU IN REAL LIFE. Fake name, fake email (or if real, using a name no one can tell is 'you'). Board emailing is OFF so you won't get any email (though you can get PMs, if you allow it); even so, just fake your email address.

Again: I will not track you. I don't even know how, and I don't want to learn how. Godaddy, who sponsors my webpages and this phpBB thingy, would know how, but won't tell me any identities, not even of hackers (who don't succeed, and godaddy knows who they are). I just learned this feature a few weeks ago, when they locked me out of my own website, to track down a hacker. When I called them to undo the lock, that's when I found out. So now I feel a lot better, hence created this forum.

BTW, the whole domain is under SSL, and while that's not a lot of security, it's some. Plus, you can use https to sign in, if need be. Or, just surf in Linux, though the godaddy site is entirely Linux. That matters, because your life is your own, your beliefs are your own, and frankly, no one has a right to tell you what to do or believe. Trading info is one thing. Even debating and arguing, is fine. But never, bullying or proselytizing. YOU make up YOUR own mind about what YOU want and do and think and believe. K?

If anyone gives you grief on this forum, send me a PM. Or, fight them back. Because, you can be FRANK, if you are ANONYMOUS. That's the purpose of this Frankforum! Yell at them, yell at me, all is good. Frankly Free.