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Author:  brainout [ 04 Sep 2016, 23:25 ]
Post subject:  New business ideas

We need a thread on entrepreneurial ideas, in case folks want to start or invest in them.

Here's mine, to kick off the list: fresh grocery delivery service BY SUBSCRIPTION.

Subscription covers all the overhead plus profit. Grocery cost is passed onto the customer at whatever it costs. Deliveries would have to be standardized, i.e., stuff you often buy.

There is no such service in my area, and I wish there were.

Subscription of $100 per year per person nets the business 100,000 per year if 1000 people sign up.
That's enough to pay ONE driver over a 25-50 mile radius.
The balance of the revenue received, is for infrastructure (web, coordination, office rent etc). I think you'd have a 30K profit per area, annually.
Profit comes from diff between sub revenue and actual costs, which can be controlled.
Could franchise it.
Could nationalize it, and probably should.

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