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 Forum: Islam   Topic: Three things many (probably) don't know about Islam

Posted: 29 Dec 2015, 21:10 

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I was visiting a friend today and this very subject came up. She didn't know it. I tried to explain it. She doesn't believe me because she works with a few Muslim doctors. Can't wrap her head around it. Such 'nice' people, she said. I told her 'nice' is overrated. 'Nice' is the minimum. The shooter in San Bernardo---he was nice until he wasn't anymore. It will probably take a year or two, then she might believe me. But probably not. lol
Hospitableness is a trait all in the middle east share, going back to the original semitic people (descendants of Shem, where the word semitic comes from. jewish, arabic, aramaic, babylon etc...). They will all seem nice. I think that most are. Are few bad apples....

 Forum: Windows 10   Topic: FastStartup causing issues with NTPasswd (Windows 8 / 10)

Posted: 29 Dec 2015, 20:58 

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It's entirely wrong for Microsoft to be using the hibernation file as a workaround to make their operating system faster; just so they can squeeze an extra dime and say "hey, look at our operating system running on our surface books, it's *so fast* -- clearly you don't want to buy an Apple product".
I work in computers too, and I would always defrag a customers pc after cleaning the malware, if time allowed. They'd always like how much faster it is!

 Forum: Windows 10   Topic: 'EULA' Win10 Links: BY LICENSE, MSFT controls your machine

Posted: 29 Dec 2015, 20:48 

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So how can such canny person(s) not know this movement away from freedom, will defeat his own ultimate 'mission'? Is the petty Apple-envy motive, clouding what had been a genuine, past, FREEDOM success?
I came here from

Yes, MS, as always, never really innovates and says "hey we've got a chance here to great something different and useful." They copy. Live tiles? We've had widgets on droid for a long time. The app launcher? Use the ubuntu unity launcher on android, among others. Outlook mobile? Blackberry circa 2003/2004 AFAIK. Onenote? I use it on my :android: droid to sync to my desktop.

Re: Windows 10 updating: I've never had an update prevent an exploit on my personal computers. There's no reason to update except for real bugs and instability.
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