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Topic review - Trump Exposes Government Controlled Churches
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: Trump Exposes Government Controlled Churches  Reply with quote
You're fried, Gene. Trump HAD his own SuperPAC and had to shut it down before the Feds caught him tampering with it! ... story.html ... story.html ... own-215093 ... huts-down/

Not to mention, he sought donations from the big boys and they shut him down, even though one of the targets was his son-in-law's DAD, ... ers-215540

And he's no self-funder, either: big DONATE button on his site, plus ... ident.html which demonstrates how he pads the revenues of his companies to make them look better (i.e., so can get bigger loans).

You are so uninformed; but then being carnal, you would just be in Emotional Revolt.

PS: in America, there is no such thing as a government-controlled Church. Seriously, you must sleep during Bible class.
Post Posted: 09 Apr 2016, 19:17
  Post subject:  Re: Trump Exposes Government Controlled Churches  Reply with quote
You are kidding, right? David was full of Bible doctrine.
I was speaking specifically in reference to being secretive in regards to strategy and tactics only. And, no candidate is filled with Bible doctrine. None. Churchianity does not constitute doctrinal thinking.

In the beginning Trump sent out a directive to all candidates that he was having all PAC groups formed in his name to cease and desist. And, stated that anyone who does not do likewise? He was going to hold that candidate personally responsible for what they allowed to have access. Traditionally, candidates hid behind PAC groups as to deny responsibility. Trump warned Cruz. When Cruz refused to comply. Trump acted as he told him he would. Cruz, the political opportunist he is, acted like he did not know any better.

Here is a link to what I speak.. ... be&t=2m23s
Post Posted: 08 Apr 2016, 02:26
  Post subject:  Re: Trump Exposes Government Controlled Churches  Reply with quote
It wouldn't be an issue by default because:
A) If God wants pastor X to be teaching, money will be provided by God
B) Money is never meant to become a big issue because it makes onlookers think Christianity is ridiculous

So if there are pastors struggling with money maybe they should ask God and do 1 John 1:9 for a change (and NOT Donald Trump). I hate to say it, but most pastors that struggle financially are works based or ignore 1 John 1:9. The next faculty is that, money laundering pastors who aren't struggling, always want more money in their pockets.

So the world's problems are not the believer's problems. CHURCH AND STATE DON'T MIX. Doing this is mixing Church and State, it's disgusting at how Trump emphasizes it too, using Christianity as a springboard for policies. Bad bad bad news.


If you listen to Trump he's riding basic human emotions. He 'rewards' the gal who said he won't tell his plans with positive remarks.

The real problem though, is that Trump is inconsistent. He's no different from a democrat that keeps changing answers as convenient, and then denies the changes or wrongdoing. For instance take a look at his petty self-defense with Anderson Cooper:

"I thought it was a nice picture of Heidi, I thought it was fine"
And then after Cooper finally gets through, he just keeps on repeating "I didn't start it".

Oh, and don't get me started on how Trump praises people when it's convenient (such as Hilary Clinton when he wasn't running for president).

Finally, Alex Jones is also inconsistent if we want to talk conspiracy theories and his religious beliefs... so you have an inconsistent Trump and an inconsistent Jones.
Post Posted: 07 Apr 2016, 07:21
  Post subject:  Re: Trump Exposes Government Controlled Churches  Reply with quote
You are kidding, right? David was full of Bible doctrine. Trump only knows that his name was written by his gramma IN a Bible, and when quoting 2Cor3:17, REVERSED the text to replace the Holy Spirit with himself, within the first 2 minutes of this video!

Thieme would NEVER have likened David and Trump. I have the same classes you're talking about, and you clearly don't understand them. Please stop implying any endorsement by Thieme, as the man is dead and there are many here who are under his teaching, so we will all fight you on this.

Say what you will, but leave Trump out of BIBLE topics.
Post Posted: 06 Apr 2016, 12:33
  Post subject:  Re: Trump Exposes Government Controlled Churches  Reply with quote
Just listened to several lessons from the David series by RB Thieme. David fought like Trump fights. You do not tell your enemy what you plan to do. Secrecy in strategy is essential for effective tactics.

As far as Pelosi? Why should we be seen as the enemy? She was wrong. You missed that factor.
Post Posted: 05 Apr 2016, 20:36
  Post subject:  Re: Trump Exposes Government Controlled Churches  Reply with quote
LMAO. :lolhard:

"I don't want to tell the world what I want to do, because they're watching...just let me do don't have to know the details...."

"We have to pass it to see what's in it."
Give me a break.

Tax exemption for a church is unconstitutional.
Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion....
Any Church that thinks it has something Biblically relevant to say should just say it and pay the taxes.
Post Posted: 05 Apr 2016, 05:15
  Post subject:  Trump Exposes Government Controlled Churches  Reply with quote
Trump Exposes Government Controlled Churches.

Published on Mar 29, 2016

At the March 29th rally in Janesville Wisconsin, outlined several ideas one of which was do away with 501C3 status of churches which he says contributed to the pulpit being silenced in the political world and infringe upon free speech.
Post Posted: 04 Apr 2016, 19:13

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