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Topic review - Obama State of the Union Address 2016
Author Message
  Post subject:  Obama State of the Union Address 2016  Reply with quote
Comprehensive article on it in Breitbart news, click here.

I'll post the live complete videos as I find them.

White House official, happening now (must be pre-recorded, speech ended about 9:07 CST, very out of sync, typical for Government, they can't get the streaming delay right):

NYT version, happening now (replay of the actual address, which ended):

Here's the live ITV version, happening NOW (maybe 2 hour delay, so the speech is just starting?):

This seems to be the full recording, now that it's over. There are other versions appearing as I type, so maybe click instead on the link and watch in Youtube, the provider of your choice.

Comprehensive REACTION article to it in Breitbart News, Top 10 lies in the speech, click here.

Official GOP response speech, can't get the video right now, but here's a transcript: ... the-union/ . Weird thing is, the speech sounds more like a promotion of immigration, not much related to what Obama actually said. And why is the official GOP position to promote immigration?

And here's a quip SOTUS in one of the Breitbart article's Disqus comments: ... 2454710498

My conclusion? There's no hope but Jeshurun now (Thieme's theme in classes from 1997 onward). I gotta grow up. It's never been the politicians who make history, but many times in history they've been competent. Not now. Now, is a circus on both sides. If we the believers don't grow up, then my pastor's expectation that by 2037 the US would be no more, may come true.

If your home/host nation is not the US, the same idea would apply to your nation: so the state of your nation, depends on you growing up spiritually. For I'm convinced that WWIII has started. Too much corruption in the souls, is occurring worldwide.
Post Posted: 13 Jan 2016, 02:56

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