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Topic review - Atheist videos
Author Message
  Post subject:  Atheist videos  Reply with quote
You might have your own favorite atheists on Youtube. This playlist shows some of mine. The particular videos might be deleted or outdated by now, but the guys making them are likely still online. Some of them have been persecuted, so look for similar names.

Many atheists are so rude and demanding -- like many Christians -- I just avoid them. If you are this way, don't expect a response from me. You're welcome to post, say what you want, be as nasty as you like, here: and we are free to ignore you. So if you really want an answer, don't just deny whatever is said as a reply, and don't ask 1000 questions all at once, and expect them to all have INSTANT soundbyte answers with instant proof YOU understand. Life isn't that way, and especially God isn't that way.

Frankly, a lot of folks are atheists because they got false doctrine they used to believe; when they realized what they were told isn't true, they threw out God with the 'bathwater' of the false doctrine. That 'path' of discovery happens to us all. Bitterness over it, is understandable. But that doesn't mean every idea related to God and Bible is false, too. Okay?

As for my own videos to atheists: frankly I don't like my own videos, but you can click here for the list. Why you'd want to, I don't know. Yet, there is one video in the list which I like, besides the Cimbolic videos (he's one of my fav agnostics). That video, which comes the closest to my own position re atheism, is here. Not saying you should watch it. Am saying that if you want to pigeonhole me 'somewhere', use that video.

Now that Google is disconnecting Youtube and Google Plus, I will gradually enable comments. Meanwhile, you can comment here, if you like. I've no interest in proselytizing you. The actual 'witness' role of a Christian per BIBLE, is to answer questions received, not proselytize: we're supposed to be heralds and reps (2Cor5:20), not salesmen. GOD does the work, that's the idea. So if HE wants you to know something, HE will direct you, else why bother believing at all?

Yeah. 8-)
Post Posted: 24 Aug 2015, 23:57

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