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Topic review - True Nature of #TrumpRussia: Don't Be a Sucker movie
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: True Nature of #TrumpRussia: Don't Be a Sucker movie  Reply with quote
Yeah, there are a bunch of Dominionist #SevenMountains movies in Youtube. Hard to decide which ones to post here! If you see any you think are particularly helpful, please post them!
Post Posted: 08 Oct 2017, 02:14
  Post subject:  Re: True Nature of #TrumpRussia: Don't Be a Sucker movie  Reply with quote
Also in conjunction with the 'Pence christians', they're also against abortion, don't respect privacy, FIXATE ON OVERT SINS and all of the usual problems associated with denominations.

It makes it tough for me because then I have to do a 180 to atheists and explain "well no... the Bible doesn't say life is in a fetus".
Post Posted: 14 Aug 2017, 08:47
  Post subject:  True Nature of #TrumpRussia: Don't Be a Sucker movie  Reply with quote
Movie was made in 1947, but applies wholly today, i.e., those Nazi rallies in Washington, Oregon, NYC and Charlottesville:

#TrumpRussia isn't Trump alone. It's a theological coalition of #SevenMountains Christians (most evangelicals hold to the anti-christ Rev17 harlot 'Seven Mountains doctrine, examples here: )

In Russia, this same doctrine is held by a large number of Russian odox, esp in the priesthood, who call themselves #ThirdRome . That name is of ancient vintage, going back to the 16th century after Constantinople fell. Russia feels it's the inheritor of Constantinople, and aims to REVIVE ROME.

Here's Putin's bid to be the Last Emperor (another myth key from the 16th century and before), showing the #ThirdRome doctrine:

This alliance between Russian and American Christians goes back to 2009, when Putin started courting them. DT, who just wants to get Putin to love him, started then aping whatever Putin said. Putin then newly rebuffed over the Manas Air Base by Hillary Clinton outnegotiating him, started his campaign against BHO and HRC, so DT did too.

DT doesn't know or care about Biblical issues. But he uses them to gain power. Pence is the guy who's into #SevenMountains, and most of American official Christianity with him. THESE are the real drivers of #TrumpRussia, and it's been going on for years.

TEA PARTY is #SevenMountains. Ted Cruz' dad is a proponent of it, just look up 'Seven Mountains' in Youtube and add 'Rafael Cruz'.

When Anonynomenon found Matt24-25 meter, I didn't know ANY of this. But the meter lead me to the research and you can easily find all this in Youtube, Google, etc.

I could say more, but right now just ponder the ideas broached here.
Post Posted: 14 Aug 2017, 05:57

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