Win10 -- AVOID IT like the plague

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Re: Win10 Home -- AVOID IT like the plague

Post by brainout » 05 Jun 2017, 05:51

Okay, I'll change the title.

Re: Win10 Home -- AVOID IT like the plague

Post by hupostasis » 04 Jun 2017, 17:42

I think the title of this now needs to be: Windows 10, avoid it like the plague.

Microsoft has made so many changes to Windows 10 (in ALL versions) with the latest major updates that it's not longer an OS I can even consider using. It has far too many security vulnerabilities, too much Microsoft-malware, no way to turn off forced updates, etc.

It's a dead end. Linux (w/ win7 locked down VM)... here I come.

Re: Win10 Home -- AVOID IT like the plague

Post by brainout » 14 Dec 2016, 15:52

But I thought Win7 support continuted to 2020, and Win 8, to 2023. Did you first clone your Win8.1 to an external drive? If so, you can easily restore it using Clonezilla.

Re: Win10 Home -- AVOID IT like the plague

Post by capricious » 13 Dec 2016, 06:07

I have Windows 10 Home. This machine originally had Windows 8, was upgraded to Windows 8.1 (as a clean install), and then upgraded to Windows 10 (as a clean install).

Here is what it says in my license file
7. Downgrade Rights. If you acquired a device from a manufacturer or installer with a Professional version of Windows preinstalled on it, you may use either a Windows 8.1 Pro or Windows 7 Professional version, but only for so long as Microsoft provides support for that earlier version as set forth in ( This agreement applies to your use of the earlier versions. If the earlier version includes different components, any terms for those components in the agreement that comes with the earlier version apply to your use of such components. Neither the manufacturer or installer, nor Microsoft, is obligated to supply earlier versions to you. You must obtain the earlier version separately, for which you may be charged a fee. At any time, you may replace an earlier version with the version you originally acquired.

Win10 -- AVOID IT like the plague

Post by brainout » 01 Oct 2015, 22:31

EDIT AND UPDATE, 10/02/15: still don't have a provable license of Win10 Home, but click here for more posters who also say that the reversion can be at any time, just as in the official EULA link posted by MSFT (next paragraph); the link below has a copy of 'a' Win10 Home license from a UK machine -- which is the same for Paragraph 7 as in the link next paragraph -- but still I can't find one for the US. Meanwhile, the recommendation stands. Win10 Home should be avoided.

Apparently, unlike the published Windows 10 EULA (here), Windows 10 Home will not let you revert after 30 days. But I have no copy of any license for Win10 Home.

If you have Windows 10 Home, your license will be on your Windows System32 directory, file named license.rtf . What does it say? Should be Paragraph 7, on downgrade rights.

Meanwhile, I started a parallel thread in BC, here, with the same question.

If this turns out to be true, then everything MSFT must be boycotted. Yeah, they have a right to set their terms, but we have a right to defend what we now have, and having anything MSFT from now on, is dangerous to your life. Seriously. If you can't even restore your old machine as if you never got Win10 -- a thing you could ALWAYS do, under prior Windows -- then there's no point in going on with MSFT in anything.

Enterprise has more flexibility, but once they see how bad consumers and small business are hit, they WILL move to Linux. It will be the politick thing to do, as then all their future employees will have had to do it already, and thus will be training in it.

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