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Topic review - Mac repairs and when to call it time on older machines
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: Mac repairs and when to call it time on older machines  Reply with quote
I would have had it done too, rather than go through the time and hassle of figuring what replacement machine to buy. You're a BARGAIN!

BTW, I still have old 286's that work. Several 386's (GRiD), several 486's, so yes machines can be quite old and still worth repairing.
Post Posted: 02 Feb 2017, 15:43
  Post subject:  Mac repairs and when to call it time on older machines  Reply with quote
Just the other day I was placed in something of a quandary. A customer dropped by with poorly a 20" mid-2007 iMac. Running slow Very slow I went through the usual steps. Tested the installed 4GB RAM all fine. Tested the Hard Drive and found it to be failing. Easy fix then. Swapped it out for a replacement and reset the PRAM which was sure to fix the problem. But No.
Time to dig a little deeper. After stripping down the machine to barebones and applying fresh thermal compound to both the CPU and Graphics Chip I was fairly confident once again the problem would be solved. But No.
I therefore concluded there is an issue with the Logic Board or the CPU. Now is the time evaluations need to be made as the cost of repairs outweigh the value of the machine. The iMac is in immaculate condition having had one owner from new. A ten year old machine is it worth it. In normal circumstances I would have probably said No but in this instance I felt the repair was warranted. I based this on the excellent condition of the machine and the fact that the Graphics and Display were still clean and sharp.
I spoke to the customer and explained the repairs would be costly but he said to go ahead.Time to source the components then. Thats when I struck gold sourcing a tested and fully working replacement Logic Board complete with CPU for £60. Once delivered fitted and a fresh installation of El Capitan I am confident we will be good to go! Total cost of repairs to be £130 including my time. The cost of the repair in my opinion is borderline Very borderline but hopefully the iMac will be good for at least the next two years.
Post Posted: 02 Feb 2017, 09:45

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