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Topic review - LIGO's claims of gravity wave detection.
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: LIGO's claims of gravity wave detection.  Reply with quote
Me too, but if they don't, I'll prove it myself. I already know which experiments to conduct. I just need the electrical knowledge so I don't fry myself in the process.
Post Posted: 23 Oct 2017, 13:21
  Post subject:  Re: LIGO's claims of gravity wave detection.  Reply with quote
You make good points. I hope they listen!
Post Posted: 23 Oct 2017, 10:10
  Post subject:  Re: LIGO's claims of gravity wave detection.  Reply with quote
Yesterday, I confronted LIGO on twitter with a few questions that think need further explanation.

1) If gravity is a wave traveling at the speed of light, then how can gravity scape two merging black holes in order to be detected?

2) If gravity is a wave traveling at the speed of light, then how is it different from electromagnetic radiation?

I made a Twitter Moment out of the conversation. It can be viewed here.

LIGO is under the impression that if a moving charge induces electromagnetic radiation, then a moving neutral mass should induce gravitational radiation. They are essentially treating gravitational radiation as anti-electromagnetic radiation. While I understand why LIGO would be attracted to such an idea, it simply doesn't work, especially within the confines of the Standard Model.

Photons are symmetrical particles, which means photons are their own anti-particles. Upon collision, they symmetrically emit entangled positron-electron pairs. Positrons are positively charged, and electrons, negatively charges. Neutrality does not mean the absence of electric charge. It simply means the balance of electric charges. Therefore, a moving neutral mass operates under the same basic principles as a moving charge. The only difference between charged mass and neutral mass is overall magnetic coherency.

In the Twitter Moment linked above, LIGO stated that a moving quadrupole is required to create gravitational waves. I think that statement is half right. Thisis representative of a magnetic quadrupole. Notice that the adjacent poles cancel...that is destructive interference creating mutual acceleration between adjacent poles, which results in a field collapse as described in the opening post above. So LIGO is right to focus on quadrupolar mass. Its their assumption that gravity is a wave that I believe to be in error. LIGO doesn't know to focus on the collapse of incoherent magnetic fields, because for the most part, the Standard Model is clueless as to how magnetic fields really work. I think Theoria Apophasis (on youtube) has the best overall understanding of magnetism, and he can back his claims with empirical evidence.

If LIGO is wrong in their observations, they must be challenged. The last thing we need is for science to take another wrong turn, and set us back another 100 years worth of development.
Post Posted: 19 Oct 2017, 03:50
  Post subject:  LIGO's claims of gravity wave detection.  Reply with quote
Within recent years, LIGO and Virgo have claimed they've detected the existence of gravitational waves, with the use of a state of the art version of the Michelson-Morley interferometer to detect destructive interference perturbation within an aether they don't even believe exists. They substitute the classical dielectric aether with the relativistic "space-time". You can read about the recent experiments here.

Now, I'm beginning to think that LIGO and Virgo are indeed legitimately detecting the presence of a changing gravitational field, but there's nothing to suggest that gravity moves in waves, or that gravity "moves" at all. Why do I hold this opinion? First of all, each of the interferometer detections occured as a result of binary star collisions. In all cases, there was silence before and after the collisions. The accepted explanation for this is that gravitational waves are simply too small to detect without the high energy discharge of a massive collision. This is an assumption. Sometimes assumptions are a (temporary) necessary evil in theoretical work, but Nobel prizes should not be issued on the basis of theoretical assumption. Those wrinkle must first be accounted for and ironed out. Secondly, there's the assumption that gravitational waves move at exactly the speed of light. This conclusion was drawn when the most recent announcement (made on 10/16/2017) stated that an initial gravitational chirp was observed followed by gamma ray radiation. The following excerpt from the above linked article is their explanation:

3.) Gravitational waves move at exactly the speed of light! Before this detection, we never had a gravitational wave and a light signal simultaneously identifiable to compare with one another. After a journey of 130 million light years, the first electromagnetic signal from this detection arrived just 1.7 seconds after the peak of the gravitational wave signal. That means, at most, the difference between the speed of gravity and the speed of light is about 0.12 microns-per-second, or 0.00000000000004%. It's anticipated that these two speeds are exactly equal, and the delay of the light signal comes from the fact that the light-producing reactions in the neutron star take a second or two to reach the surface.

Think about this, now...both (so-called) gravitational waves and light moving through the same medium at the same speed. Remember that the speed of light is just the induction rate of the medium, and light is just a wave induced in the medium. So that tells me, what LIGO and VIRGO saw was nothing but plain, old fashion, electromagnetic radiation (light).

So how does light detection relate to gravity if they aren't really detecting gravitational waves? Well, if EUT's (Electric Universe Theory) postulation on gravity is even partially accurate, then gravity is really just another state of magnetism, and the detection of electromagnetic radiation is to be expected. I believe (as youtuber, Theoria Apophasis has explained), gravity is just incoherent magnetism caused by the misalignment of magnetic fields within atoms. Gravity is incoherent vs magnetism which is coherent, just as light bulbs emit incoherent light vs lasers which emit coherent light. Its that simple. The attractive force of gravity is just an incoherent version of the attractive force between the N & S poles of two magnets,...and that N/S attraction is nothing more that the collapse of field amplitude caused by DESTRUCTIVE INTERFERENCE.

To give you a visual aid, watch this video. Skip to 1:30-2:01 to watch what happens to a magnetic field (in real-time) when it experiences magnetic attraction aka destructive interference.

Notice how the magnetic field collapsed. It literally imploded. Now think about implosions and explosions. An explosion produces a single shock wave. On the other hand, implosions produce a single recoil wave, which is just an inverse shock wave. Now apply this same principle to the coherent and incoherent magnetics field of two "neutron" stars. The two stars collided because of gravitational attraction, as a result of field implosion caused by incoherent magnetic destructive interference. The implosion of the aggregate incoherent magnetic field sent out an inverse shock wave, tugging on the aether. Any kind of disturbance within the aether moves at the speed of light, because of its inherent induction rate. Then, the actual collision of star matter probably released tons of gamma ray radiation, which followed behind the initial inverse shock wave. Before the collision there was silence. Then there was a magnetic field collapse, followed by a high energy radiation burst caused by star collision. Then there was silence again.

It is more likely that gravity is a field collapse, exerting instantaneous action at a distance, than the popular assumption that gravity is a transverse wave moving at the speed of light. LIGO and Virgo are essentially saying that gravity is a frequency of light. I submit that gravity is the confinement of light. If LIGO and Virgo insists that gravity is indeed a transverse wave, exerting delayed action at a distance, then the burden of proof is on them. The detection of a single inverse shock wave is not enough to substantiate their claims. They must find a way to detect consisted transverse wave emissions and prove that those detected waves are indeed gravity and not electromagnetic radiation. My prediction is, they can't do that, because its not how gravity works.

LIGO and Virgo did make some very ground breaking observations, but the true discovery has yet to emerge. They just unified Electromagnetism and Gravity, and they don't even realize it yet. Its right under their noses.

Should the Nobel prize have been issued in this case? I think yes,...for the phenomenal advancements made in the field of interferometry, but not for the discovery of "gravitational waves", which is just an attempt to validate the broken theory of Relativity.
Post Posted: 17 Oct 2017, 20:06

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