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Topic review - No Fawning, Please
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: No Fawning, Please  Reply with quote
In the imagination of their hearts they deify self, and project it into an image of their imagined God. When they are shown by someone what they are actually rejecting? Then they would spit. For, up until then, they did not know they were spitting.

That is why the prophets were persecuted and many of them murdered... For they were confronting the self righteous with someone (God) who is a standard that their egotism could not match. Being confronted with God destroyed their ability to erect a God created in their image.

Many claim to worship God, when its only their own projected deification of traits they possess. Traits that they highly approve of. Satan's original sin.
Post Posted: 21 Oct 2015, 19:51
  Post subject:  Re: No Fawning, Please  Reply with quote
Here are examples of hypocritical fawning: Mk. 10:18; Lk. 18:19, the famous 'why do you call me good' passages. There, the person claiming Christ good is rebuked. For, the person is substituting a lesser 'good' for 'God', and He's God, not merely Good. Also, you can say He's reminding the speaker that 'good' is not good enough.

Notice that the speaker is accounting himself good, because he is wealthy and kept the law. Thinking that his wealth was some evidence that he was doing the right thing (consensus displayed by acquiring wealth). For indeed, it's hard to accumulate money, and does require talent, ability, hard work. And it is an achievement.

But no amount of talent or hard work, buys you anything with God. For you BELIEVE or not. If not, then you are spitting on Him, not good at all. Whatever other good you do, is not good to HIM, but maybe at most to others. Used, as a weapon against Him. This is why hell exists, people are trying to bribe God with what they hallucinate as good deeds for other people. But should you reward someone who paid someone else you didn't ask be paid? No. Yet, that's what we're trying to do with God: demand HE reward US for what WE choose or don't choose to do 'for' others. Why should He reward you for what YOU claim YOU did for some third party? Not rational.

So praise, is used as spit. Here we see how. Praise something less to spit on something greater. So that's how fawning works. Often the fawner doesn't even realize that's what's going on. So you help the fawner, by being nasty. Or, silent. Not sure which is the right response, depends on the situation, and I'm not sure I ever respond rightly. But here you see the idea so can talk to God about it.

For, it does and will happen to you. It's a way people use of getting things from you.
Post Posted: 20 Oct 2015, 13:44
  Post subject:  No Fawning, Please  Reply with quote
Each one of us has our 'groupies', and I'm no exception. So this post is just a warning to those who want to fawn: don't.

If a person gets Bible right, GOD did that. The person getting it right has the privilege of knowing correct information. If a person gets corrected from being previously wrong (and we all do), then God did that, too.

The speaker is no evidence of anything. Only the Word is evidence. And yeah, there will be secular information to back up the Word, but frankly we humans are incompetent at knowing how to marshall and interpret such information, as evidenced by our dysfunctional lives, politics, ideas, movies, literature, ideals. For when you honestly look at humankind, you can't help but be struck by how childish and incompetent it is.

Okay, but if there's a God, then all this is rectifiable. And, it is. So it takes time to see, understand, etc. But in all events, it's never the speaker who's smart or good, but God. Nor would you want it, any other way. If HE is good, then you don't have to be. Right?

So if I catch anyone praising me here, as happens in the Youtube videos, I'll either not respond or will respond in a nasty manner. Not, to be humble. But because it's disgusting to be praised in lieu of God. Sorry, not tolerable, in the same way as it's disgusting for a man to flirt with a woman who's married to someone else. The flirtation is designed to make her forget her husband and focus on herself. Disgusting. Who CARES about someone else's approval? See the point?

This topic probably belongs elsewhere too, but is put in Admin Stuff Problems, because it is one of the problems in forums and elsewhere.. fawning by people.

Now, some people work around all that by saying stuff like 'I praise God for you' and other claptrap. Just keep it to yourself. Pray for someone who God used to help you. TO HIM. That way, you won't look like a psychophant (sp change is deliberate).

One of the many traps Satan uses, is praise. Because, people are so addicted to consensus, to the opinions of other people. The Lord was victim to that from his own disciples, and (for example) in the crowds following Him, and (for another example) in the woman who demeaned Him by praising His Mother, Luke 11:27 (which is hysterical, since Luke's whole Gospel outline is built around the Magnificat, as shown here).

So all over the place, Christians remain retarded because they ASSume praise by others means they are on the right track, not going by what GOD says. Don't give into that. For as you grow spiritually, count on it.. you'll get victimized with groupies, too.
Post Posted: 20 Oct 2015, 13:25

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