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Topic review - The Immigration Issue
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: The Immigration Issue  Reply with quote
I agree, and I'm not opposed to immigration. I speak Spanish too, though I haven't had to use it in some time. I just think that our present social welfare system enables immigrants to come in and never assimilate. Of course, you really cant force someone to assimilate. There will always be jobs that require minimal communication skills.

Maybe learning English should become a benchmark requirement for maintaining Medicare/Medicaid/Food Stamps, etc. I don't see the government shrinking the welfare programs in the near future.
Post Posted: 25 Jun 2016, 21:35
  Post subject:  Re: The Immigration Issue  Reply with quote
There's also more to the population decline with the mindset of my generation. The majority of us don't even have families whereas our parents would have at our age. This is due to many reasons:
#1 we're more interested in technology than each other
#2 house prices are more expensive than they were during our parents
#3 laziness, my generation is far less motivated to do anything
#4 we don't care for children in general
Just to name a few

We actually have a lot of Filipino folks coming here doing the jobs stuck up white kids aren't interested in doing, and they actually do a *better* job. They also are very friendly which is something that's related to their culture and disposition.


Regarding language, there was a huge schism in the States with the German immigrants, the fact we speak English was achieved by a very narrow balance. So while it's 'Spanish' now, it used to be 'German' before when there was a diverse group of Europeans that came here-- took awhile for them to 'integrate'. Regardless English has wedged itself into some things that won't be going anywhere any time soon (such as programming languages), and the fact it's used as an 'unofficial' universal language. Sorry Esperanto!

Because European populations are declining, just means there'll be other groups that surpass us in the future and will 'unite' to create other cultures. Nothing is set in stone.

People need to stop having the mentality that we're a rare species that needs to be preserved (while being hypocritical at the same time and not having enough children to sustain everything), biology is just a basic vehicle that'll be shed off for a resurrection body. European supremacy is satanic; it causes the individual to lose focus of Bible doctirne and focus instead on their temporal body. It *doesn't help* that traditionally Europeans tended to be the group that gravitated towards Christianity (whereas if you look at other ethnicities, they tend to champion other religions leading to a reduced potential to get into Bible). And that might have something to do with the problems we're seeing actually.

...but because people argue like this to begin with is the whole reason why God separated everyone at Babel. Thus ensuring there'll always be a 'degree' of separation with language and physical appearance.

That's my take on it anyways. There shouldn't be hostility towards immigrants when not giving them a chance to 'integrate' into our culture and help our population crisis. Many people like Western and European culture, so if we weren't so racist, maybe we could inspire more people into the Bible, too....
Everything takes time.
Post Posted: 25 Jun 2016, 21:21
  Post subject:  Re: The Immigration Issue  Reply with quote
Well, I see the point but it still doesn't detract from the population problem. Folks who come here and don't assimilate will end up being poorer. Assimilation means learning the language and adopting the culture. The whole reason prejudice against blacks and others lasted so long, was that those who tried to assimilate like 'whites' ended up castigated by their own group.

America is not a color, but it is a culture and the language is English. No harm us learning Spanish, and that's also desirable, but assimilation is the key. Absent it, one never succeeds.
Post Posted: 25 Jun 2016, 19:59
  Post subject:  Re: The Immigration Issue  Reply with quote
My problem is language and culture. Any immigrants that we take in need to be integrated into our society. That means they should learn English and learn to respect our laws. My home town was Miami. The primary language down there is Spanish now, and last year when I went to visit some family down there, I started hearing some Portuguese all over the place.

My dad was an immigrant, so I cant complain, nor do I want to. But this multiculturalist ideology needs to stop. It has screwed up the school system so bad that you can't tell people to learn English (that would be offensive), so instead they tell English speakers to learn Spanish. I suppose in a few years, their going to start telling people to learn Portuguese too.
Post Posted: 25 Jun 2016, 19:07
  Post subject:  The Immigration Issue  Reply with quote
Now, I'm interested in this topic for 2 reasons:
1. It's related to actuarial stuff, which is my living (pension plan costings require analysis of PEOPLE STATS)

    For here's the thing: you need a market for your products. Internally, and externally. The more you want big government, the more you need big people to sustain it, via their EARNING money and BUYING STUFF with the money they earn. So if a population 'today' authors sweeping cradle-to-grave 'welfare', it's betting on a 'tomorrow' economy of enough people to PAY for all those goodies.

    FDR instituted Social Security on just such a bet. But the population did not rebound from WWII. So that's the biggest reason why Social Security is now BROKE. (Well, other than Congress stealing all the money in the SS Trust fund to pay for other welfare programs.)

2. Matt25:11 in our thread here, is about the door being SHUT from 1998-2041. Satire of future history, is Matt24-25 in Greek, and we're still exploring it to develop a comprehensive hypothesis, for testing meaning.

    That #2 so far, has been bitingly accurate. SHUTTING OUT is a kind of hub to describe the historical trends of the period on political and faith fronts, as an outgrowth of the English Reformation. (Matt24:47, syllable 1540 year 1570 AD, which was the historical voting period for whether the world would go on living, a TIME DOCTRINE theme in Bible meter and text, from Genesis 1 onward).

So what is the Immigration issue? Technically, it's not a lefty thing or a righty thing, but a phenomenon the West and esp. the US, has been grappling with for hundreds of years, esp. since wars DECIMATED THE WHITE POPULATION.

Put simply, we in the West don't have enough PEOPLE to sustain economic growth aligned to our socialistic political policies and goals. To support the sweeping welfare state, we need more people to grow the economy, but birth rates of WHITES have become too low. This was a problem starting during WWII for the US, and starting earlier, for Europe. It has a lot to do with WHY we fought wars in the first place (i.e., lebenschraum in Hitler's fight claims).

So the left saw the opportunity and pitched racial inclusiveness, and the right later came around (under Reagan and Bush) to push it as well. The West began importing labor very early, that's how ancient Rome could last for so long.

In short, the same issue has been going on for centuries. In actuarial science, the population growth changes affect longevity, which in turn affects what interest and mortality assumptions I should make when determining deductions for Defined Benefit plans, calculating how long your 401k nest egg will last, etc.

Mortality, morbidity (rate of sickness/disability), vary much by race or ethnic group. War, of course, is an anomaly which has to be factored out, to see how long people are 'naturally' living. On the one hand, slow birth rates mean an improved longevity, but when you couple that with socialistic welfare policies, it means the COST OF LIVING shifts more and more to those younger.. and the economy can thus explode, if it won't grow enough.

Ergo, you need immigration to keep paying for the longer-living oldsters. And when non-white immigrants come to the West, their own longevity improves, thus maybe exacerbating the same problem as motivated a policy of easy immigration, in the first place.


Ironically, slow birth rates among whites, is what's also behind the white supremacist movement: the influx of non-white to make the economy grow, is alleged as a threat to white people jobs and economic dominance. All because, THEY won't have enough BABIES.

Come to think of it, maybe that's a good thing. We don't want to return to Nazism. But we are.

Your thoughts?
Post Posted: 25 Jun 2016, 06:36

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