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Jewish Calendar & 1 Chronicles 24 Priestly Courses, Predict & Depict All History

Page purpose is to ease reading of PassPlot.htm, since so much reference is made there to the Jewish calendar, and it's a pain to keep paging up and down. Click here to also load PassPlot.htm. So not all the historically-meaningful weeks proving the prophetic nature of the priestly courses, are listed in this page. However, many of the PassPlot.htm dates are here listed, for easier reference when viewing that page. So next follows a 'sheni' (repeat) version of the Jewish Calendar, followed by a repeat of the priestly courses in PassPlot.htm's "Chanukah" link (#14 in that link's listing). To see how brilliantly the Bible intersects both vernal and autumnal equinoxes had Israel (and we Christians with our equally-bad calendars) OBEYED THE BIBLE'S DATING SYSTEM, download the very simple Intercal.xls. You yourself will be able to FINALLY celebrate all the Bible holidays ON TIME if you use that, merely updating what is the equinox each year. For if you use the Jewish calendar or our stupid 'Easter computus' calendar, you'll get ALL the Bible holidays wrong.

Within each priestly course link are bullets of some of the significant dates. More dates will be added as I've time, but there won't be many more; I probably found all the ones I can in Bible, searching through BibleWorks. Bible-significant months which don't have specified days in the verse, are not generally listed. Bible doesn't usually give the exact date; but when it does specify an exact date -- especially, for a prophecy spoken -- it's important. So these are listed. If I missed one, would you mind letting me know?

Month #'Our'
Month NameHoliday Month #'Our'
Month NameHoliday
(=new barley)
aka Nisan
Sacred cal's1st mo.
(10th,14th, both starting AT sunset),
Unleavened Bread
(14th AT sunset through 21st AT sunset),
First Fruits, the first day of Weeks
(usu. starts on 21st or 22nd AT sunset)
(=flowing water or fruits) akaTishri
Civil cal's 1st mo.
Rosh HaShanah
(=New Year, 1st),
Yom Kippur
(=Day of Atonement, 10th),
(=tents, booths, 15th-21st)
--8Oct-NovBul aka Marcheshvan
(ends Weeks, 50th day from First Fruits)
(=Foolish/ Confident Heart)
(from 25th Chislev until 2 Tebeth)
4June-JulyTammuz--10Dec-JanTebeth (=muddy)--
5July-AugAbNote: 9th of Ab
is First and probably 2nd Temple's Destruction date.
6Aug-SeptElulMonth should run 35-36 days, at which point its end 'naturally' hits the autumnal equinox. If Israel doesn't observe that, then intercalation should occur here, for the same reason. Post-exile, they didn't do it.12Feb-MarAdar
Israel instead used lunar months and then every 3-6 years, intercalated an 'Adar Sheni'(=Adar II) of 15-30 days, so her calendar got and remains, messed up.
Purim (14th or 14-15)

NIV 1 Chronicles 24:7-18, the Priestly Course names which God told David to organize, back around 970BC. Note how prophetic, the names:

Meaning Per Week in Each Nisan and Ethanim:
Days 1-7, 7 the first lot fell to Jehoiarib [God Has Brought Justice, Yah+rib, to be the Plaintiff in a trial], Days 8-15, the second to Jedaiah [God knows/knew, Yah+yada (terminating ayin) -- see 2Cor5:21], Days 16-22, 8 the third to Harim [Dedicated, devoted to destruction, haram cognate, plural], Days 23-30, the fourth to Seorim [Ripe barley, stressing its hairiness, plural],

Meaning Per Week in Each Ziv and Bul:
Days 1-7, 9 the fifth to Malkijah [God is My King, melek+Yah], Days 8-15, the sixth to Mijamin ["auspicious child", min+yamin], Days 16-22, 10 the seventh to Hakkoz [The Thornbush/Briar, ha+qots], Days 23-30, the eighth to Abijah [My Father is God, God Fathers, ab+i+Yah -- the "i" is a first-person singular suffix],

Meaning Per Week in Each Sivan and Chislev:
Days 1-7, 11 the ninth to Jeshua [God is Salvation=Jesus' name, Yah+shua], Days 8-15, the tenth to Shecaniah [God Dwells (in His House with us, esp. in the 1st Temple at its Dedication), shakan+Yah], Days 16-22, 12 the eleventh to Eliashib [My God Causes Return -- a kind of benediction, Eli+shub], Days 23-30, the twelfth to Jakim [God Rises Up -- think of all the entendres in English, including Rising up Exist on the Earth (most Hebrew common meaning), to Defend, Rising up to Testify, Win -- Yah+qum, see Isa53:2 retranslation in Isa53trans.htm],

Meaning Per Week in Each Tammuz and Tebeth:
Days 1-7, 13 the thirteenth to Huppah [Divine Protection from enemies, storms -- like during the wilderness period -- huppa=canopy], Days 8-15, the fourteenth to Jeshebeab ["God dwells in Father's House", yashab w/Yah embedded, +ab!], Days 16-22, 14 the fifteenth to Bilgah [a Smiling/Gleaming/Gladness, cognate noun of balag], Days 23-30, the sixteenth to Immer [lamb, livestock, per HALOT; but note how the root=The Word, esp. God speaking The Word; yeah, God speaks and all livestock exists! Name is spelled aleph mem mem resh.],

Meaning Per Week in Each Ab and Shebat:
Days 1-7, 15 the seventeenth to Hezir [Swine/Boar or swineherd, per HALOT -- but I bet it somehow refers to the Arm/Strength/Might of God, Ha+Zar' (zayin resh ayin)], Days 8-15, the eighteenth to Happizzez [lit., He -- God -- Shattered, but looks more like "The Shattering of God" in meaning -- ha ppitsetz], Days 16-22, 16 the nineteenth to Pethahiah [pronounced ph'tachYah, God has opened the womb, ph'tach+Yah], Days 23-30, the twentieth to Jehezkel [God Strengthens/Prevails = Ezekiel, Yah+hazaq],

Meaning Per Week in Each Elul and Adar:
Days 1-7, 17 the twenty-first to Jakin [God Establishes/Prepares/Fixes/Decrees, Yah+qun], Days 8-15, the twenty-second to Gamul [He ripens/Recompenses/Weans - see also Heb. "golem", unborn fetus, in Ps139:16.], Days 16-22, 18 the twenty-third to Delaiah [God Draws Water or on a writing tablet or even acts like a Door, Yah+dela -- but the focus seems to be on the repeated lifting/moving action, so dependability is stressed], Days 23-30, and the twenty-fourth to Maaziah [God is My Refuge, maoz+Yah]. Notice the sound-alike of Maaziah and Maschiach (=Messiah).